Traditional Japanese Ramen

You can taste and enjoy our spin on a traditional Japanese ramen.

Our “torisoba” is a chicken broth ramen. It is made entirely with local ingredients.

1st Ingredient

Our torisoba soup is made from Nagoya Cochin chicken broth.

Enjoy the rich flavors of locally raised chickens, topped off with some chicken oil.

2nd Ingredient

Hand-made noodles produced with “Kinuakari” wheat from Aichi prefecture.

Enjoy our smooth, chewy noodles.

3rd Ingredient

A blend of dark and light soy sauce, both are from Aichi.

4th Ingredient

Charcoal grilled chicken, pork and bamboo shoots.

Try a bowl and let us know what you think.

Additionally, we provide these condiments for free, please let us know if you would like to put some on top of your ramen.

1. Chili oil paste with garlic, onion and various spices.
2. Garam masala (a masala powder)
3. White pepper